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Baltcap: Japan's partner to build Europe's Silicon Valley

Jun 29, 2019

As the startup economy shows no signs of waning anytime soon, Tallinn-based private equity and venture capital firm BaltCap finds fresh momentum in identifying new investment opportunities in the Baltic region, as well as in the nearby Nordic countries.

Baltcap Managing Partner Peeter Saks

With offices in the capitals of the three Baltics states, Baltcap has experienced consistent growth since it began operations in 1995. Nearly 25 years later, the company has

launched a new venture that is focused on a broader geographical area and reflects the ambition of the so-called New Nordics.

This year, BaltCap, in partnership with Japanese-owned JBIC IG Partners, JB Nordic Ventures or NordicNinja, a venture capital fund looking for worthy startups that want a firm foothold in Japan. JBIC IG is backed by the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation, Honda, Panasonic and Omron.

“The Japanese seem to have a good mental connection with Estonia. Silicon Valley is already hard to penetrate, highly priced and crowded. The Nordic and Baltic regions appeared on their radars and the idea was: Why not try it out here? It was an opportunity we could not miss,” said Managing Partner Peeter Saks, who believes Estonia’s agile and entrepreneurial style complements Japan’s financial and organizational strengths.

With Estonia’s economy on the rise, BaltCap is prioritizing the company’s growth to keep up with rapid developments in the industry and stay ahead of the competition.

With the JBIC partnership, BaltCap is eagerly looking forward to new opportunities in the East and evolve into a truly global company.

“We have been thinking about growing out of the Baltics for many years now and become more international. Our venture has also caught the attention of other Asian delegations. BaltCap is pushing to create a wider network of international investors and create more world-class companies,” Saks said.


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